Letter to my girl

We all have that one person that no matter how much you see them or get to know them,seeing them always makes your blood rush.Thats what i always get from you,whenever i see you,i always feel like ts the first time we are meeting all over again,and though t wasn’t very long ago,i still like how u make me fl like im in primary school again,getting tongue tied and acting like a fool which you always like.

i always miss your hearty Lil giggles and you telling me”you are so silly” which is subtext for i really like you

i like the fuss you make when i bump my head or get all crazy,to be honest,sometimes i act like a huge baby just to get the reaction i get from you,and FYI,just saying.you will make a great mum.,

Things may not always work how we plan but we both deserve credit for at least trying to make the best of what we have.i love that you are not afraid of going out without me with all my neighbours staring.its refreshing to have a girl who doesn’t nag me for every little thing.

This may not be a perfect expression of how i feel about you,but i hope you will always make me feel this happy

sincerely yours,The Great OneImage.

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