Body Language; Different Gestures And Their Possible Interpretation

GESTURE                                                                             INTERPRETATION

Play with hair                                                                               Flirting
Fidget with a necklace or chain                                                Flirting
Fidget with earring, or touch one’s earlobe                           Flirting
Swing hips and upper body                                                       Flirting
Hand on hip                                                                                  Flirting
Cross legs                                                                                       Defense
Rest ankle of one leg on the other knee                                   Independence



Arrange tie                                                                                      Flirting
Pull socks up                                                                                  Flirting
Rub or pull on earlobe                                                                 Flirting
Arrange belt                                                                                   Display of virility



Play with button (shirt or blouse)                                 Flirting
Hold eye contact                                                               Interest or insistent curiosity
Show the palms of the hands                                         Inviting trust
Cover one’s mouth with a hand while talking            Uncertainty of what one is saying; or lying
Hands on waist                                                                 Challenge
Eyes up and to the right                                                  Imagination
Eyes down and to the left                                               Searching one’s memory
Evading eye contact when talking                                Not wanting to show one’s feeling; or lying
Strong handshake                                                            Wanting to show dominance
Weak handshake                                                              Insecurity or fear
Stiffness in the body                                                 Stiff personality/difficulty in showing emotions
Drooping shoulders                                                        Emotional burden
Head to one side when listening                                  Attention
Arms folded in ;
In front of the body                                              barrier posture

At the back                                                               Calm or reserve
Rocking or swaying from one foot to another           Anxiety or insecurity
when in a group
Eyebrows raised                                                               Arrogance or incredulity
Ample gestures with arms                                             Self-confidence or generosity
Lips:; Closed without tension                                       Open, willing posture
Closed tight                                                            Decision,aggression or concentration
Biting one’s lips                                                     Nervousness, reflection, or hesitation

Head thrust forward                                                     Aggression



1 It is important to note that each gesture should always be interpreted in the particular context in which the
person is. It can happen that the meaning is other than that mentioned here. All the body signals should be
added to obtain a correct total if we are to interpret body language integrally.

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