Birthday Resolutions

Turning 21 means i have to start being and acting like an adult which sucks btw so i made some new resolutions,,,n yes,i make resolutions on my birthday not on new years because thats so cliched. very positive and always look at evrythn from a bettr angle—thse who know me knw m the mst positiveperson evr on most occassions bt this time ill never be negative,,,,,everrrrr….or atleast ill try.

2 start reading the bible——its been 8 years since i read the bible well like it deserves and whtever situation you are in God is always always in control and being that he ha let me see another year should be reason enough to try and know him more

3 start going to church whn m in school—–my mum hs alwys tld me to go to church whn m at hme so i never miss evn a sunday,bt whn im alone its like i cn never find the psyche to go,id love to blame the devil and say he influences me bt to b honest,m just lazy an look for too many excuses not to…but i need someone to go with cz i hate goin to new places alone….which brings me to….

4 learn to do things on my own—–im a pretty private person so i prefer doing mst stf by myself bt i cannot understand for the life of me why i cannot go to new places public or private alone,probably cz i want company incase i make an ass of myself,which explains why i dont go to church,hotels,visiting people

5 stay way from relationships——im always happy when m single,thn i meet someone and decide it would be better if i dated them cz well,ive had enough of being single,but it neeeeevr works out,i always get bored a week or 2 into ths year i dnt wnt to be in a serious relationship until im mature enough to be in one.women deserve better than having a guy who leaves when they are into him.

6 stay away from sex—–sex is overrated..i think and when you arent into a person,it always ruins a girl you like thn the moment you consumate,you lose ive decided,next time i meet someone i like,i get to know them 1st for a year or so before sleepn wth them thn mayb ill have a chance of fulfiling number 5

7 treat sue better—-sue has always been my best friend and the only chic i could run to but i never treat her as well as she deserves so this year im to show her how special and priceless she is to me,so i hope ill make that happen

8 try out new things and take risks—-im a very safe person which in turn makes me have a very safe and predictable life,so all my friends cn evn judge wht ill b doin b4 i do it,which is alwys locked up watchn movies,so ths year m burstng out of my comfort zone and take risks be it in making friends,travellin or financially so m going to blow my money like a coked up rockstar and hopefully evrything will work out well

9 show the people who matter to me that they do—i have a small circle of friends that i dnt shw hw important they are to me and ths year ill do just that

10 get rid of friends who arent adding value to my life—–i have friedns whose work is only calling whn they need something or when whn i do so ths year if you see us drifting its probably not by accident.

11 stop cursing and using unsavoury language—–i curse alot and thats a disgusting habit cz who the fuck curses at evrything holy shit i just did t agen crap…..lemme stop there

12 treat people better and always be the bigger man thats self explanatoryImage

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