confidence or trust in a person or thing:

belief that is not based on proof:

As humans,faith is the sole reason we are able to drag ourselves out of bed every morning,faith that we will get to our destination,faith that we will get to the end of the day,faith that we will see a new day and so on.All religions are based and insist on faith,Christianity has the belief that faith can move mountains as written in the bible.

Relationships are based on faith…kinda,you have no proof but you believe that your partner will not break your trust or that you are both serious about it.lately ive bn making decisions based on faith alone and i can honestly say Ive never felt better.the decision to break up with girls who are perfect and good for you because you believe that there is someone else out there for you with whom you can have a better relationship with or you are more in love with than the person you are in love with.

However,it would be prudent for us to wait for the other shoe to drop before we begin celebrating.what happens when you break up with a couple of girls for one person who it turns out wants you because you are in a relationship and seemingly she cannot have you?Whenever we have crushes we would give the world to get them but the moment they become available it only takes a matter of time before we get tired of them.Well,ive been on both sides of that scenario,wanting something or someone because they belong to someone else but the moment i have a chance,i get bored of them.Ive been on the receiving end too,someone wants me because i belong to another lady but the moment i end things with them,or announce im single,the interest fades.

This has become a far too familiar trip hence my new resolutions as stated in my previous update,stay away from relationships until you are sure whoever wants you wants you because they see something in you and not because you are seemingly taken.If you want to get a legion of fans anywhere just put it that you are unavailable until further notice and you will be beating them off with a stick…..so to speak.I may be single now and i may try really hard to stay away from relationships but cupid is an unpredictable and unfathomable twat,he may decide to strike while i least expect it,but i will not make it so easy for him this time,ill stand on the rooftops and shout im single if that is what it will take but i will find someone i can like for them and who likes me for me but not because they have a following.

I may not be very trusting,which would explain why i only think things would be perfect if i did them,i don’t allow people to clean for me be it dishes,laundry,floors or sometimes cook,which my ex and several other people hate but im not so arrogant as to believe that im self sufficient in all aspects,eventually i will have to let in more people than i do now IE my immediate family and two people outside it but hopefully,the next person i let in will be worthy of that load.

You shouldn’t ever place someone in a situation where you think they deserve more than you but you still hold on,which is why i do what i do.

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