Ways To Stop Thinking About Your EX

1.USE THE DOG AND VOMIT ANALOGY(GROSS BUT WORKS)—in the book There is a season by Patrick Lane about his journey through addiction and recovery and he said thinking about sad past things is like a dog returning to its own vomit.so instead of being sad tell yourself,you aren’t a dog and you wont go back to your own vomit then think eeeeeeeeeewww and move on.

2.INCORPORATE TWO NEW ACTIVITIES IN YOUR LIFE——-find new activities that when you start obsessing about you ex you can learn to replace the thoughts with a fun interesting activity.

3.SCHEDULE A TIME TO OBSESS AND A TIME TO GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE—–if you cannot stop thinking about the failed relationship set a specific time to let your thoughts run wild,eg 15 minutes at the beginning of the day or lunchtime or the end.so when thoughts appear at other times you can remind yourself you can obsess at the set time.during this time,wail,cry,scream and obsess.after a few days of this you will find it boring to sit and do nothing but think of your ex.

4.USE THE RUBBER BAND TECHNIQUE—-this is taught in therapy for addicts and can also be applied here,wear a rubber band and whenever obsessive thought come up snap the band and replace these thoughts with something that makes you feel good.

5.STOP TRYING TO OVERCOME YOUR OBSESSION WITH YOUR EX——using the elephant in the corner analogy,when you attempt to force yourself to not think about the elephant in the corner or ice-cream if you are dieting then that’s all you will think about.instead of focusing on the fact that you are obsessed with your ex,just flow with the thoughts,don’t try to stop them instead accept them and replace them with one of the ways suggested above

ImageImageTo get over failed relationships,all that’s needed is determination,self control and time to heal.

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