One of the most overlooked phenomena in the entertainment industry is the obscure dealings of the judicial system and its special treatment towards actors and more specifically, music artists.  Nobody seems to question a news report about the same rapper going to jail repeatedly for the same crime (a direct violation of the 5th amendment) nor do they ever question how short their sentencing is.   With recent news of artists such as Gucci Mane and Charles Hamilton pleading insanity rather than choosing jail time makes one wonder if there is something more sinister at hand here.  My theory is that these artists are denying their occult allegiance to the Illuminati and are being locked away for it, possibly even tortured or programmed (see MK Ultra posts) until they cooperate.  In this segment, I will analyze of few of these artists, past and present, who have been unjustly imprisoned for their rebellion or even more simply put, wanting their freedom.

I do not want to speak too long on DMX because I have spent previous posts discussing his case before. But I would like to bring to light a few more oddities of his recurring jail visits.  DMX was just released from his 8 month sentence for cocaine possession back in 2008.
What people may not have known about DMX is that he has been very vocal on the evils of the music industry and the occult.  He is a professed Christian that has not only spoken highly of his faith but of his freedom as well.  In 2007, he went on Def Poetry Jam to perform a spoken word poem appropriately titled “The Industry”:
Since his retaliation against the occult,  DMX has been repeatedly arrested for “violation of parole”.  The constant negative publicity of his repeated incarcerations has made his innocence and word seem worthless to the public eye.  His released mugshots have all shown him in a beaten up manner (tortured or abused before taken possibly?) to make people assume DMX was under a drug or alcohol induced manner.
To almost add insult to injury, the media made a mockery of his arrests by allowing paparazzi filmers to sit in his hearings:
Despite it all, when released from jail late last year, DMX did not waste anytime sharing his opinions on the current state of the music industry and occult once again.  He adamantly claimed that many rappers were becoming successful from occult succession and homosexual practices rather just skill itself.  What’s even more interesting is that he seemed to target one artist in particular for this,…Jay-Z.
Now unless you’ve been living in a cave without nearby internet access, you know that Jay-Z has been in most of the “Illuminati rap” spotlight for the past year.  Some believe that Jay-Z has no power in the occult.  However (as I have discussed  before in previous posts) I do believe he is a powerful puppet whom I’m sure the true elitists wouldn’t want any other prominent artist that knows the truth to hurt their prized chess piece.  So what do you do to a dog that can’t be tamed?
Also, another important fact that should be mentioned is that DMX’s wife has been going on interviews for the past few months stating that DMX has indeed been getting set up to return to jail:
What saddens me is that I believe that the occult is doing more than just putting DMX in solitary confinement at this point.  We know that DMX was once a slave controlled by the occult early in his career.  But it seems that they still may have a mental leash around this depraved rapper’s neck as he is still being forced to promote their satanic agenda.  In 2009, he starred in a film called “The Bleeding”, about a vigilante team battling a secret society of vampires.  
Other than the movie itself being filled with occult symbolism, there is a particular scene where DMX is shown being brutally tortured.  The occult is known for putting their victims through disturbing dramatizations of their actual ritual abuse as another form of mind control.  I fear we may be witnessing this in the movie:
DMX being tortured by satanic doctors
The scene is followed by the image of the Baphomet pentagram
Now what seems to be turning from skepticism into reality, just recently DMX was reportedly moved into a “mental health” unit inside the Arizona prison for a possible bi-polar disorder:

Earl Simmons was transferred to an Arizona State Prison Complex facility called Alhambra near 25th Street and Van Buren. He was admitted on Dec. 20.  He is not allowed to have visitors for 30 days.  Earlier this month, when a judge sentenced Earl Simmons to jail, she said she believes he has an undiagnosed mental condition like bipolar disorder.” – Fox News (source)

This report would make one assume if DMX like many other music artists is suffering from multiple personality syndrome resulting from Monarch programming.  Only time will tell.
Prodigy (of rap group Mobb Deep) has always been considered an anti-establishment rapper.  Ever since the birth of his solo career, this rapper has spoken against the Illuminati elite and the satanic occult.  But much like DMX, Prodigy is also known for his occult-propagandized career with Mobb Deep.  However, it seems that prior to his inconvenient jail sentence, Prodigy wanted to deliver a message of awareness to his listeners:
On his 2009 album H.N.I.C. 2, Prodigy released a few songs geared against the occult, even naming one of them “Illuminati”:
Prodigy arrested in 2009 for weapons possession
While in jail, Mobb Deep decided to write his fans a few letters filled with his personal thoughts on the industry and the occult.   In his letters, he discusses a book he read by occultist Malachi York called “Leviathin 666” and it made him aware of the evils within the world he was once ignorant to.  He also claimed that there are many rappers who are “aware” of the occult and have even joined it.  What’s even more interesting is that he seemed to target one artist in particular for this,…Jay-Z (noticing a trend here?)
With writing letters like these in prison one would assume that, once released, Prodigy would be very vocal about Jay-Z’s occult tyranny over the rap game as of late.  Well in Prodigy’s first interview after returning home, he appears to have retracted all his statements about the rap mogul as if someone had told him to do it:
 Remember earlier I stated that the occult sometimes forces mind control victims to re-live their torture or ritual abuse through dramatizations played out in their careers as a way of reinforcing their control.  Much like DMX, Prodigy also showed us a possible visualization of occult programming through his music video for “Real Power Is People”, a song where Prodigy exposes a lot of the evils and deception that control our current government.
Prodigy is first shown in a prison cell
 He is then moved to a secret facility where he is brutally tortured
Secret agents preparing experiment devices
Prodigy is injected with some form of mind control drug
This pattern of dramatizations from these artists seems all too coincidental.  Especially considering that Prodigy seems to have been “persuaded” to change his rebellious thinking pattern.
T.I. is a case that has been publicized for so long the whole world has grown sympathy for the man.  But what many fail to realize is that T.I. has been fighting against the occult since the early years of his career.  I believe that once T.I. made his rise to fame on his own talent back in 2006 with the release of his highly acclaimed album “King”, the Illuminati elite wanted him for their own personal puppeteering and occult marketing.  I know this maybe a bit of a stretch to some but I want to show the effects of what resulted from his 2007 guns possession case.
After his success of King,  T.I. began to associate himself with many occult artists such as Jay-Z and Eminem.  His follow-up album was even more of a troubling sign with the concept being based off of T.I’s struggle with his alter ego.  The concept would suggest that T.I. is also suffering from some form of Monarch programming:
Chessboard showing the mind battle between T.I. and his alter ego T.I.P.
T.I. staring at his alter-ego into the mirror, which is very significant in the occult (see Eminem’s My Darling)
I believe that T.I. was forced into the occult and underwent programming but was still refusing to follow their satanic agenda.  I think T.I. feared for his life, which resulted in the occult figuring out that this rapper still followed a “street” ethic that included protecting himself by any means necessary.  
all the guns found in T.I.’s home (what could he possibly have been so scared of?)
To make an example out of T.I., they waited to arrest him hours before the BET Awards whom T.I. was nominated for several awards and expected to perform at.
T.I. was arrested in 2007 for several accounts of gun possession and sentenced to one year in prison
What’s very interesting about this case is that the only reason the occult was aware of T.I.’s home protection plan was because someone had secretly informed them of the situation.  Many people in the general Hip-Hop community suspected that there was a “snitch” involved.  Well not only was there a snitch, but he happened to be an informant as well.
Alfamega was an Atlanta based rapper that was signed to T.I.’s label in 2005.  He has a large history of being in and out of legal issues.  This would seem to be a perfect fit for T.I.’s roster.  Until in 2008, after Alfamega was reportedly arrested in a confrontation of another rapper, information was released of Alfamega being hired as an DEA informant since the 1990’s to reduce his past jail time.  
(review entire case here)
Once T.I. became aware of this, he immediately dropped Alfamega from his label and cut off all communication with him to avoid any more unlawful set-ups even though jail time was inevitable.
Before his jail sentence, it seems as if T.I. was finally willing to comply with the occult’s demands to control his succession of fame.  His highly acclaimed “Paper Trail” became his highest selling album to date.  On the album, T.I. has many allusive songs that suspect he may have joined the occult to further his rap career and secure his freedom from jail (so it seemed):
In the video for “Dead & Gone”, T.I. is seen meeting at the crossroad.  An occult folklore in relation to selling your soul to the Devil
Whats even more interesting is that Alfamega even spoke on T.I.’s occult affiliation in an interview
After T.I.’s year bid, it seemed as if his incarceration caused a bit of a rebellious streak once again as he started giving subtle hints that he wanted out of the occult.  Once released, he soon began working on his next album entitled “King Uncaged”.  This is significant for two reasons: “King” was his last skillful album before he was being pressured by the occult and the fact that he is expressing his freedom within the title itself.  Another interesting fact is that his label almost refused to approve the album art because they felt in wasn’t appropriate.
T.I. in a chair, sitting beside a lion, possibly symbolic of the Lion of Judah.  (was T.I. turning to Christ?)
His first single for the album was called “I’m Back”.  In the song he shared how he felt about the occult changing rapper’s persona’s when sending them to prison:
All go to prison and they flip their whole image, nigga trippin’/ listen, do for you, that ain’t in the cars/ Think the power is in the gun but overall is in your heart/

Well this seemed to be enough for the occult to realize that T.I. wasn’t willing to cooperate with their occult allegiance.  I’m sure you can guess what came next…
T.I. and his wife arrested for drug possession
Just as soon as T.I. got a taste of freedom, he now prepares to serve another year prison sentence for his violation of parole.  Completely fed up with the strangleholds of the occult, T.I. renamed his album “No Mercy”.
T.I.’s first single (of the same name) is a very powerful song and video because it shows the direction in his faith as a Christian and his direction further away from the occult:
In the video, T.I. is repeatedly seen in the church praying
“Trapped in a vicious circle/ Jesus youngest disciple/ tell the judge if throwed the book at me make it the bible”

“Everybody’s standing  and waiting and there hating/ Gospels say they should forgive me/ they’d rather hand me to Satan”

Hopefully more artists, in the midst of their constant turmoil and battles with the satanic occult, can find God and break free from these demonic chains and prisons and one day truly be freed.


  1. mxolis ahmed sibanyoni Says:

    For DMX…it’s like ma last alphabet from different 2 names such (D)it is ma last one and (M.X) are ma first one no matter what comes homie,I love ya.You shown me somethan’ with what comes out from ya mouth noone to finish you,you are so so brave/courageous/strong&eager to face da situation.Lemme tell you somethan’ they didn’t expect already you done to God he is so impressed by you,da bible says what are we scare for those who are able to kill the body but fail in Spirit.Remember always Lord or Jehovah he use to patronize us with a word FEAR NOT.I love you honey,you know yaserf,ya story,that who you’re.Nobody could take ya best cause there is only one Earl Simmons a.k.a DMX and one strategic of perfomance that nevah be stolen by someone else to do da same path,even though it won’t be the nice one because it doesn’t come from the original it’s an imitation.Me,Jesus&Jehovah Shalom we really seen and understand ya heart’s bleeding.Noone who gonna stay forever rite here that’s wha there’s a word like Space Germ,only da choice where we wanna go from these 2 Heaven/Hell.I L.O.V.E YA honey.

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