I have noticed that since Lebron James finally claimed his golden ring as champion of basketball this year, people have been searching for answers as to how he managed to do it.  Many are beginning to question the winning aspects of the NBA, as the last few playoffs have seemed “rigged” as some might say.  Since Lebron and his Miami Heat team won the title for 2012, a lot of theorists are screaming “Illuminati conspiracy” but are unaware of the true nature as to how it was carried out.  In this post that was done a few years ago, I made a theory about how Lebron has gained much of his acclaimed success through occult affiliation.  Since Lebron finally got what he wanted, I figured I would share my thoughts on the post season symbology, as there was much that went under the radar.

Relationship w/ Jay-Z & The Elite

Everybody has wondered about the close relationship between Lebron James and Jay-Z.  Nobody truly knows how it came about nor how deep it is.  One thing is for sure though, Lebron is highly influenced by him.  I don’t need to say what that means for this all-star basketball player.  We all know how deeply rooted Jay-Z’s beliefs are in the satanic occult and if he is sharing his occult key’s to success with the likes of Lebron, it would explain alot.  From the constant pyramid signs in games & interviews to his honorary Roc-A-Fella chain, its clear Jay-Z has made a significant impact on his life.  Here are a few pictures of Lebron showing this:

LeBron James’ affiliation with Jay-Z may also have gotten him involved with many of the elite entrepeneurs and businessman around the world.  When asked by Time Magazine, who James thought was deserving of being in 2010’s Time 100 (whom he was a former member of last year), his response was one unfamiliar to most.  A Jewish philosopher/business leader by the name of Jay Schottenstein.  When asked why James thought this man was qualified for Time’s induction, James replied that he “has supported the translation and elucidation of the Talmud Bavli into English, Hebrew and French. The Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud is now utilized by more than 2 million people worldwide.”  I know you maybe wondering what this all means and how does it apply.  Well the Talmud Bavli isn’t just some average piece of literature anyone just decides to read.  It is a document of Jewish philosophy commonly used in the practices of Kaballah.  Kaballah is a form of Jewish mysticism practiced in Freemasonry and much of the occult.  If James is in fact involved with occult practices, him studying this is not too far of a stretch.

“Indeed almost all occult and magical belief systems are founded on the principles and teachings of Jewish Kaballah” – from Codex Magica by Texx Mars
LeBron Changing His Number To “6”

Without looking at any of the occult speculations on LeBron, the jersey number change seems quite normal.  Especially, seeing as how Kobe recently did the same thing just as randomly last year.  But since there are occult rumors on this gentleman, this jersey change should be further explored.  First of all, reports have said that ever since LeBron chose the number for the U.S.A. Olympic team, he has been infatuated by it.  He has reportedly used the number 6 for every Cavalier practice.  When head coach Mike Brown was asked about LeBron’s number decision he stated that, “All it does is back up LeBron’s beliefs”.  So what does the number “6” have to do with the occult?  6 in the occult is one of the more powerful numbers used.  It is more commonly known as repeated 3 times to signify the “number of the beast” referring to the Antichrist as told in Revelation.
“This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number.  His number is 666” – Revelation 13:18

LeBron’s Pregame Rituals
 Probably one of the weirdest aspects of LeBron James is the pre-game rituals he performs faithfully before every game.  One that everyone is familiar with is the chalk being thrown into the air.  What always troubles me though is that he always puts his hands and head up toward the cloud of smoke almost as if he is “praising” something.  Yes, it is very likely that he just does this as a means of “entertainment” for the fans.  But it would be logical to assume that if he is praising something, it would be God.  But what “god” is he praising?  We’ll that brings me to the most disturbing evidence I have found:

Lebron’s Occult Prayer
The evidence of this is literally mind boggling.  At the end of EVERY national anthem sung during a Cavaliers game, Lebron is seen pointing to the air, throwing up the Roc-A-fella diamond (pyramid), then throwing up the “3 sixes” hand gesture.  Everytime.  But here’s the interesting part: He’s only been doing it within the last two years of his career, which is around the same time frame of when he and Jay-Z have became so close.

It can be agreed upon that James is in fact doing these hand gestures as a form of prayer or praise to a “higher being” seeing as how he looks towards the sky the entire time.  Now seeing as how James looks towards the sky, we would all assume that he is giving praise to whatever “God in Heaven” he believes in.  Yet, what religion uses hand gestures like the pyramid or the 3 sixes as a form of praise other than the satanic occult? None.  In fact, if analyzed further, many satanists/freemasons believe that fundamentally Satan deserved the thrown in heaven and that he was cheated by God.  Which is why most occult practitioners call Satan the “light bearer” or Lucifer, his pure angelic name.  So if James were involved with the occult, he would more than likely acknowledge Satan as being among the skies as opposed to hell.

The Miami Heat Trade

In 2010, Lebron James made a huge upsetting move when he left his hometown of Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat.  Many considered him to be a traitor among his native fans, but Lebron had his eye on superstardom.  Trading to the Heat was very symbolic in nature considering his deep involvement in the occult.  Already a member of the team, Lebron’s close friend Dwayne Wade, already sported the number 3 for his jersey.  Adding Lebron and his occult-inspired jersey, we have the completed “three 6’s” in perfect succession:
the “3-6” assist happened quite frequently in their regular season games
Most people, however, thought because of this trade that the Miami Heat team would see gold their first year.  But this occult inspired trade was not enough bring them the nation-wide success that they had hoped for.  Just this year, the entire team began to wear completely black jersey’s with no team colors visible.  
Wearing all black is very symbolic in the occult as it is used in many satanic ceremonies, often referred to as black masses.  Interestingly enough,  Lebron’s mentor Jay-Z often endorses the use of wearing all black as a source of occult power.  So this change in team color (or lack thereof) is not strange if you understand who is root of influence.  In fact, as owner of the newly rejuvenated Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z has even chosen the same “black on black” symbolism for his own team color of choice:


Even though Lebron has yet to sign any league contracts with the Brooklyn rapper, his loyalty is still very much sealed to him.  Just recently at a Nets and Heat game, many people witnessed something extremely peculiar as the rap mogul secretly delivered a message to the sports superstar:

What was said is not for sure, but immediately after the secretive talk, Lebron gave all of his jersey apparel to Jay-Z’s younger nephew.  However, I truly doubt that charity is what these two were talking about that they purposely wanted no one to interpret.  But one thing is for sure, Lebron is still taking advice from the occult rap star.
The Heat’s Blood Sacrifice
It seems that Lebron James and his team have constructed all aspects of their game to center around occult symbolism.  To assure them a championship ring, however, the ultimate ritual had to be performed.  During the post-season playoffs during the eastern-conference finals, something very strange occurred at the home of Heat power-forward Chris Bosh.  On June 5th, reports surfaced of Chris Bosh’s “spiritual masseuse” suddenly collapsing to her death inside the basketball players home.  Here is the official report:
“A police report says Chautele Mia Cooksey went to Bosh’s home Monday. Detective Vivian Hernandez, the Miami Beach Police Department media relations officer, told USA TODAY Sports that a full investigation will be conducted, but no foul play is suspected at this time.  Just before tipoff of Game 5 against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, issued a statement: “Last evening, a massage therapist that we have used for some time, arrived at our home to provide massage therapy. Shortly after she arrived, she fainted and lost consciousness. We called 911 and emergency personnel arrived at our home shortly thereafter. They took her to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she passed away. Our hearts go out to her family. We are very sorry for their loss.” USA Today
Notice that Chris Both does not seem worried at all during the 911 call

Although police suspected no foul play, the mysterious death seemed very strange considering the nature of her passing as well as the timing.  What makes me believe that this death was occult-related, is the actual profession of the long-term employee.  Chautele Cooksey was not only a massage therapist but a New Age mystic as well.  She ran a New Age spiritual center called Channels of Light Life Center where she specialized in crystal ball fortunes, tarot card reading, and yoga meditation all of which are common practices in the occult.  Soon after her death, it seemed like the confidence of the Miami Heat increased greatly as they went on to win the championship finals against the OKC Thunder.


Was this a mere coincidence?  I believe not.  In most cases of sudden death, there are no such thing as coincidences when involving practices in the occult.  What made this victory seem even more sinister, the night of their celebration Lebron James was spotted wearing a very satanic-styled shirt of himself as a demon:

Again, we see the influence of his occult mentor Jay-Z as the depiction of his shirt is almost synonymous with the artwork to Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne album:
Could Jay-Z have persuaded Lebron and his occult teammates to perform a satanic blood sacrifice to guarantee their success in this year’s finals?  As wild as such claims may be, the evidence leaves little room to think otherwise.


  1. Daniel Figueroa Says:

    If this is so,
    U can sell ur soul to the devil
    As labron and the heat allegedly have.
    The word of god states

    that it is a fearful thing for them
    To fall into the hands of god!

    For it is appointed for a man to
    Die once then to be judged.
    Heb 9:27
    Labron and heat repent!

    • Daniel Figueroa Says:

      Ill be praying fo u , may the lord god of abrham, isac,
      And jacob bring u down
      And strip u of any more trophies and bring u to

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