Men are always blamed for being perverts and while this may be true, make no mistakes, women can be bigger perverts too, but at least they are better at hiding it, that or its perceived as adorable or not as disgusting as when men do it.

So how do you know a friend is a pervert??

1) They have the uncanny ability to turn simple words into crass jokes. This is done almost unintentionally, kind of a reflex that grows and develops over time. Kind of the elementary ’

That’s-what-she-said’ jokes. These are double entendres things like, when your friend says the thunder is coming, he/she turns it sexual, when they say they like salads and somehow the perv has to insert tossing salads in the conversation


2) They have nasty photos on their phone or computer of lady or man parts, and these are usually the well covered parts not parts we see daily…..weeeeelll its my personal view that while having such photos for a chic isn’t necessarily bad….if you are hot, for men its kind of expected but also gross to some ladies and to these ladies I say, GROW UP, you shouldn’t overreact to porn so long as he isn’t forcing you to watch or look at. Moving on swiftly..


3) They insist on keeping passwords on their phones or computers, not because they have anything particularly important but because they have some sick stuff they don’t want others to see. Welll…in their defense maybe they just like their privacy or they have secret things to hide like…they are cheating…or they have a nasty STI but bottom line is, you only have passwords when you have something to hide.


4) These people have proclivities that don’t fit in with the social norms. Such things include activities like, peeking up girls skirts’, staring at a woman’s chest area shamelessly, or a man’s groin area…….the chest staring for women can sometimes not be helped because of how they dress not trying to justify this but m just saying….


5) Browsing the internet for porn ever so often, or even daily. While some of us may try to defend that as normal behavior, I know of a couple of people that would beg to differ.


6) They associate everything you say with sex even if you were on a whole different level. This includes activities like chuckling at saying words like wet, hard, stiff etc. Very juvenile


7) They generally talk to others in a disrespectful manner as if you are an object. This includes manhandling women, or grabbing men in inappropriate areas and pretending it’s an accident.


8) They look for any chance to see someone of the opposite sex in a state of undress and linger. Some may go as far as

Hiding and watching people shower or dress in secret.

While some of these antics may provide a laugh or two to some, most generally frown upon excessive use of them. So if you have a friend who is like this, you should advise them to join perverts anonymous, or set them up with some of your perverted friends of the opposite sex, I believe two perverts in a relationship would get on very well, like hay and fire, plus the relationship would never get mundane since they would always find pervy ways of spicing it up.


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  1. hahhaha thats so me .best article ever.

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