My Take on Death


I’ve never given much thought to how I would die but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.Whatever deity may lead my life, dear Lord  don’t let me die tonight, but if I shall before I wake I accept my fate. It’s been a good run, I did what I did and my heart was in the right place. Whatever happens Lord, don’t pass me by, sometimes I don’t know what you want, but you know what I want from you

This has been the hardest week of my life, first I lost my grandmother then two days later I lost my uncle. For that one week my one and only objective was making sure I was there for my mum. The problem with death is that it doesn’t give a warning or something. What hurt most was that I hadn’t seen her in some months, I had always been saying I’ll go see her but school and other frivolous stuff kept me busy, she left without me saying something meaningful to her since I always assumed id see her again.

It’s hard to believe that she will not see our kids running around but I prefer trying to look at the positives, she did live a full life saw three generations of our family and that was a real her burial I learnt that I have a thousand relatives that I dot even know but they all seem to know me, so I decided to get to know my relatives, since family is all that you can count on during trying times.

Losing my grandmother made me realize the brevity of human life, it made me realize that one moment you could be there just fine then the next you aren’t, it also made me begin thinking a lot about how I live. I’ve always been a pretty gregarious I laugh a lot and I make those around me happy, I’m pretty good at comforting but it’s made me wonder, who comforts me. I have never lost a relative before so this was especially hard for me, that plus the fact that I am very close to my mother and seeing her hurting makes me die a bit inside. During this time, the only non-family members who were there for me can be counted on one hand and this coming from a man with so many friends is saying something.

My take on the matter was that sometimes we go through adversity so that we can realize our strengths and who we can rely on, this makes me realize that I have very few friends I can count on, and I don’t know whether I need to improve my friend picking system or just improve my existing friends.


After death you look at everything as a gift

 My girlfriend and I are breaking up … Wow. I got to experience having a girlfriend!

My car needs an expensive repair … Amazing. I get to experience owning and driving a car!

My business isn’t making money yet … Incredible. I get to live the journey of creating something from nothing, perhaps even watch it rise and fall and never turn a profit no matter how hard I try. What an experience!

My mom is sick … I emerged from that body; what a miracle that I now get to participate in taking care of it!

It’s one thing to know intellectually that life is a gift, that there’s only this present moment, that we should be grateful for everything

You never know what comes first: tomorrow or your death.

Steve Jobs famously asked himself every morning, “Do I feel good about what I’m going to do today? Do I like who I am?” He lived with constant awareness that death was always lurking and would someday knock on his door, which eventually it did … and it took him before even WE were ready to let him go.

When we relax into the awareness that each moment, painful or delightful, is just part of this improbable existence, beauty and gratitude blossom in our lives in ways we had never experienced before. We get to see everything, every triumph, tragedy and traffic ticket, as a gift. We even start to oddly appreciate even the bad moments.

That doesn’t mean we make them last longer than they need to, but we no longer resist their presence in our lives as we used to. We no longer suffer as deeply as we would before, because we now walk with more awareness that this painful experience is just evidence that we’re still alive, that it has a gift for us, even if it’s difficult to see … and like everything else – our lives included – it will pass.

What’s one challenging aspect of your life today that might be completely transformed by noticing it’s a miracle you’re even alive to experience it at all. Learn to enjoy life people, it only happens once.



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