Ravings of a man with too much time on his hands

I suddenly find myself with a lot of time on my hands and I realized, It has been a long while since I posted here, to be more accurate, it has been 3 year and in that time a lot of things have changed. I wore braces, I changed my wardrobe, I grew five strands of hair on my chin and even more significant, my social media really took off, that means I went from being a lazy bum who spends all day seated to a lazy bum who spends all day seated while lying to myself that I am a popular person. Every single day I log into my accounts to see people who have repeatedly stabbed the very concept of language and are now hacking its guts up on their page. I haven’t written in so long because apparently a whole page can be summarized by one meme, the whole a picture is worth a thousand words and all.IMG_20161124_130149.JPG

i mean,even Jesus cannot catch a break

I miss the old days when I could actually read books daily and I had other people I could talk to about reading, we felt as the erudite we occupied a space that was reserved for the gods of men, but now I can’t even bring myself to read an actual book unless it is in e form or a how to manual, that makes me sad. They say history is written by the victors (and rewritten by victor who seats in the University of Nairobi main library who has some interesting theories on life as a whole). This makes me wonder what the generations after us will venerate us for because clearly we will not be the victors.

We are a generation lost in narcissism. A populace who believe no experience is worth having unless it is uploaded and receive hits or likes the pinnacle of achievement is crushing yourself to receive meme status. A society that believes less clothing and “sexy” bodies equate to more likes which in turn feeds our sense of worth. Make no mistake, I am one of these people, but I dare to think outside the box sometimes.

While I love a lot of the aspects of social media ,I wonder what normal people who hope to accomplish something feel. What I have personally achieved using the internet is heavily borrowing for my school work and project, heavily borrowing being polite talk for plagiarizing like a errrm  plagiarist (the internet has made me slow) and also making scores of people, whom I have never and will probably never, meet think I am a good guy who has a life, stream so much prurient material that even I needed to tell myself to chill out and the most worthwhile to me, learn how to dress impeccably.

There was a time I was considered ridiculously smart, a time before Google when I could say whatever I wanted and no one could refute because I was so well read, now those days are gone, people ask even the simplest questions and there isn’t even a straightforward answer, for example, which is the tallest mountain, the answer would have been Everest in my day but nooo in the Zuckerberg and pokemon deregulated world, The highest mountain may not necessarily be the tallest mountain. The highest mountain refers to the height of the mountain above mean sea level. The tallest mountain refers to the height of the mountain above its base. The highest mountain may not necessarily be the largest mountain and neither should the largest mountain be the tallest. The largest mountain has the biggest volume or largest base area and height.

  1. The highest mountain (based on height above sea level) is Mount Everest
  2. The tallest Mountain (based on a base above sea level) is Mount McKinley followed by Mount Kilimanjaro and then Mount Nanga Parbat
  3. The tallest mountain (based on a base below sea level) is Mount Kea
  4. The largest mountain (based on base area and volume) is Mount Kilimanjaro

How I’m I supposed to remember all that, I’m an old man who needs space in his head to remember the last episode of suits I watched as I download new episodes and also which route to use to avoid restarting temple run…I’m sorry does temple run still exist anyway?

The point of all this is to think that maybe, just maybe I should be doing something worthwhile because in the words of Albert Pike, what we have done for ourselves dies with us, what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal, it may take some time to get thee but I have a feeling that if we aspire to help society, maybe our kids won’t just be proud of the fact that their parents achieved meme status thirty years from now.

F (472).JPG


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